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Keratex Hair Oil: Benefits, Uses, Price & Where to Buy (2024)

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benefits of keratex hair oilDo you want beautiful, healthy hair without having to spend a fortune? Then look no further than Keratex Hair Oil! This traditional Ayurvedic oil is packed with powerful herbs and antioxidants that can nourish your scalp, reduce breakage of split ends, minimize gray hairs, and help manage dandruff.

In this article, we will explore the astonishing benefits of using Keratex Hair Oil for your hair care routine. We will discuss how to use it correctly and where you can buy it at an affordable price.

Key Takeaways

  • Promotes hair growth and prevents graying
  • Reduces oxidative stress and scavenges free radicals
  • Reduces dryness and roughness caused by damage from treatments
  • Treats issues like dandruff, split ends, and hair loss

What is Keratex Oil?

What is Keratex Oil
You can get the salon-like results you desire with Dabur Keratex Oil, which is made from natural ingredients and specifically formulated to help promote hair growth and reduce hair fall. This Ayurvedic oil contains herbs like jyotishmati, jatamansi, brahmi, manjishtha, and sesame oil for added anti-inflammatory benefits that nourish your scalp while preventing dandruff.

It also helps retain the natural black color of your hair without any reported side effects, making it safe to use even when pregnant or breastfeeding.

User reviews suggest positive outcomes with regular usage as it strengthens the roots of your tresses while controlling frizziness at the same time. Studies have shown a significant increase in the length and thickness of hair after using this product for more than 6 months, combined with a healthy diet plan suitable for individual needs.

So why wait? Get yourself Dabur Keratex Hair Oil today, priced at just Rs 160/- per 100 ml bottle, along with a detailed guide on how to use it!

How to Use Keratex Oil for Hair

How to Use Keratex Oil for Hair
Keratex Oil is a versatile Ayurvedic hair oil made from traditional herbs like jyotishmati, brahmi, manjishtha, and sesame seed oil. Rich in nourishing and moisturizing properties, it can help you manage dandruff while minimizing hair breakage and split ends.

Additionally, Keratex Oil may also improve the texture of your locks while reducing gray hairs over time.

Nourishes and Moisturizes Hair and Scalp

Applying Keratex Oil to your hair and scalp can nourish and moisturize them, giving you the best results – so why not give it a try? The oil is made with herbs like jyotishmati, jatamansi, brahmi, and sesame oil.

It helps strengthen roots as well as treat dryness and split ends while reducing breakage. Dabur India’s product prevents graying too! Massage gently into your scalp for up to one hour or overnight, then rinse off thoroughly.

May Help With Dandruff Management

Keratex Oil may help manage dandruff symptoms with regular use. It contains herbal ingredients like jyotishmati, jatamansi, and brahmi that are known to nourish the scalp and strengthen hair roots. Its anti-fungal properties can reduce any excess oil or frizz that could be causing dandruff in the first place.

Additionally, it helps retain the natural color of your hair, prevents graying, and controls hair fall, making it an ideal choice for those who suffer from persistent dandruff problems.

Keratex is a safe product with no reported side effects. However, consulting a doctor before using is recommended if you have any concerns about its suitability for you.

Minimizes Hair Breakage and Split Ends

Regular use of Keratex oil can help minimize the occurrence of split ends and breakage in your hair, giving you healthier-looking locks. By restoring color, adding volume, and increasing shine to each strand, it helps to repair damage caused by daily styling, such as blow-drying or straightening.

The ayurvedic blend also works on preventing baldness with its active ingredients like jyotishmati, jatamansi, and bacopa monnieri, which nourish the scalp from roots, helping to strengthen them.

Improves Hair Texture

Regularly using Keratex oil helps to give your hair a silky smooth feel, making it easier than ever to run your fingers through. The combination of herbs known as celastrus paniculatus and nardostachys jatamansi provides deep conditioning that nourishes the scalp for improved health and increased hair quality.

Moreover, regular use provides protection from heat damage, which can be responsible for breakage or split ends in some cases. It also strengthens the roots of each strand, reducing overall loss due to thinning or other causes such as alopecia areata.

With continued use, you will notice a significant reduction in frizziness while an increase in natural radiance takes hold – restoring luster and shine! Additionally, this specialized Ayurvedic oil offers scalp care with no reported side effects, providing all-round care without any fuss!

May Help Reduce Gray Hairs

Using Keratex Oil can help you keep your hair dark and vibrant, reducing the amount of gray hairs that might occur. It can reduce stress on your scalp and prevent further damage to existing strands. Additionally, it adds shine and increases strength. It also helps reduce breakage while killing fungi, which may cause infection or dandruff.

Studies also suggest that mental activity changes due to its Ayurvedic ingredients, resulting in an alteration in growth rate. This stimulates new hair growth and helps with reducing fever, pain, and swelling.

Benefits of Dabur Keratex Oil

Dabur Keratex Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil,View On Amazon
Moving on from How to Use Keratex Oil for Hair, let’s look at the Benefits of Dabur Keratex Oil. This 100 ml oil form product is a popular choice among users and dermatologists alike, due to its aloe scent and effectiveness in promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall.

People have reported positive results after using it for two months or more. However, it is important to use this product long-term (over 6 months) before you can get an accurate review of how well it works compared with other similar products.

Additionally, some people may not experience any benefits from using this particular oil. So, if you find that your hair type isn’t responding as expected, then combining the use of Keratex with a healthy diet could potentially help improve results over time.

  • Promotes Hair Growth & Reduces Hair Fall
  • Recommended By Dermatologists
  • Positive User Reviews After Long Term Usage (>6 Months)
  • Not Suitable For All Hair Types
  • Odd Smell

Where Can I Buy Keratex Oil?

Where Can I Buy Keratex Oil
You can purchase Keratex Hair Oil online or at select retailers for a nourishing hair care solution. It is an Ayurvedic oil made with jyotishmati, jatamansi, brahmi, manjishtha, and sesame oil that provides many benefits.

  • Promotes hair growth
  • Prevents graying
  • Reduces oxidative stress and scavenges free radicals

User reviews suggest it helps keep the natural black color in the hair while controlling dandruff and nourishing the scalp. To use effectively, apply a small amount to your scalp using circular motions, then massage gently into the roots before leaving it on for 1+ hours or overnight.

No prescription is required, but pregnant women should consult their doctor first as a precautionary measure.

Benefits include reducing split ends, strengthening hair roots against damage caused by treatments such as coloring/bleaching, treating dryness & roughness due to external factors like pollution & harsh weather conditions – all without any reported side effects!

How Often Should I Use Keratex Oil on My Hair?

How Often Should I Use Keratex Oil on My Hair
It’s incredible how Keratex Oil can transform your hair in just a few uses – so it’s recommended to apply the oil 1-2 times per week for the most luscious locks!

Here are some tips on using this product effectively:

  • Massage into scalp and hair gently.
  • Leave it on for at least an hour or overnight, then wash out thoroughly.
  • Use regularly to prevent baldness and promote scalp health as well as retain the natural color and texture of your hair.

Keratex Hair Oil is formulated with herbal ingredients that provide soothing benefits without any reported side effects, making it safe even for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

An added benefit is its ability to treat dryness, roughness, and other issues related to hair damage from treatments like coloring, thus restoring shine and softening strands naturally over time with regular massage sessions using the oil itself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Keratex Oil have any side effects?

No, there are no reported side effects of using Keratex Oil. It is made with herbal ingredients that provide soothing benefits and has been positively reviewed by customers. Studies have shown strengthened hair roots when used correctly according to directions and supported by an ad campaign launched in Kerala in February

How much Keratex Oil should I use per application?

For best results, use a small amount of Keratex Oil – about the size of a dime. Studies have shown that it can strengthen hair roots when used 1-2 times per week.

Can I use Keratex Oil on color-treated hair?

Yes, studies suggest that Keratex Oil can be used on color-treated hair as its herbal ingredients provide soothing benefits. Additionally, it is also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women with no reported side effects.

However, make sure to consult a doctor before using the product if you have any concerns.

Is Keratex Oil suitable for all hair types?

Keratex Oil can work for all hair types, like a warm embrace. Its herbal ingredients provide soothing benefits, and studies show that it strengthens hair roots. Positive customer reviews suggest that it helps reduce dryness, dandruff, and other issues.

How long does it take to see results from using Keratex Oil?

Results from using Keratex Oil may take up to six months to be fully seen, depending on the individual. Studies suggest combining keratin oil with a healthy diet for optimal results. User reviews also recommend using it for at least six months before comparing it with other products.


With Keratex Hair Oil, you can achieve a natural, black hair color and improve the texture of your hair, all without any drastic measures or side effects. It’s a safe and reliable way to nourish your hair and scalp, reduce dandruff, minimize hair breakage, and even help prevent gray hairs from appearing.

Best of all, Keratex Oil is affordable and easy to find – you can buy it online or at a local store.

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